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Big Cans
Recycling an old project
by Gisby

I like big cans. Sure, a lot of people say that, but I like to play with 'em.

The cans, that is. In this case, they are a pair of coffee cans I had first used as Fuel Tanks

As the site says: With very little effort, you can make terrain that looks like you didn't put much effort into it.

I was never really pleased with the results, so I decided to finish the work I'd been putting into them I had already added a sign, a ladder, and other detail to one tank, but they needed more.

I built a split-level enclosure and base out of cintra, and primed it. I then glued the cans into place.

The gate is made of craft wood, and is hung as is gate 2 in How to Hang A Door, except that the hinges are mounted on the inside of the walls so they are hidden, and the gate will open flush with the wall interiors.

There's also a simple locking mechanism so they don't flop open at inopportune moments. In scale, that's one big hook!

There is the usual graffitti, oil stans, grit, etc. I filled spaces with the nicknames of some of my gaming pals, and a tribute to em-4.

Among the scatter is a discarded Combat Zone Chronicle. (That's a trooper's head beside it for comparison)

There are also old 'Get Into Tax Paying' posters (defaced) and newer 'Tax Paying is Cool' posters.

How to Make Ladders

A - Draw lines on light card, the width of your ladder. Glue matchwood evenly spaced onto the card.

B - Trim the wood and card along the lines.

C - Glue sides onto the ladder. They can be matchwood, or deeper to make 'safety' ladders.

I rounded the tops of mine, which made them look like popsicle sticks. sigh....

They were, of course, but that's beside the point.