Pack's Emporium
by Gisby

The Front The Side Walls The Floor The Back Wall Finishing the Building Pack's Emporium

Since I started making buildings out of coffee stirrers, I have received hundreds of letters asking how I do it. So I decided to make a tutorial.

Upon rereading them, I realised that they had asked WHY I do it. But by then it was too late, I was finished writing the tutorial.

This is the building I built. There's not a lot to say that I didn't say in the Tutorial...

Other details could readily be added: Shutters on the windows, opening doors, a smokestack, hitching rails, etc.

The internal bracing for the store front is seen here. The paper reinforcement on the window frames shows up as white.

As you can see, the two sides are not identical: The left side has a door towards the back, the right side has two windows.

There are two stirrers covering the joint between the front and the side walls. They can actually be attached first, and used to help align the side walls.

I added framing, and a cornice to the top of the front.

The sign was printed on my computer, and the prepainted framing was glued to the paper. When it was dry, I cut out the sign and glued it to the building.

The internal bracing of the side walls is similar, stiffening the wall and adding strength to the building.

I placed a single window in the rear wall.

Although I chose a tarpaper roof, planks or shingles are also appropriate, and would make the building more interesting.

There will be a gap in each door opening that will need to be filled.

For the front door, a plank will fill the gap between the floor and walkway.

The side or rear door is easily filled with a small platform or stoop.

It's a very basic building, but can easily be personalised and detailed, and made into a showpiece.