The Blacksmith
by Gisby

This kit started life as the same dollar store barn as 'The Old Barn.' A friend had it and cut it up in strange ways, and finally gave it to me because he gave up.

These kits are die cut, and details are not etched in, but stamped. So they are sort of like really crude, ill-fitting laser-cut kits, made with the cheapest, most awful wood you can find.

I started out by taking apart what he had glued, and reassembling it as was originally intended.The end walls needed some bracing and trim to cover and strengthen the joins. The corners needed quite a bit of filling.

The whole was given a very quick sanding, and boards were crudely scored into the walls

It was easiest to remove and discard the walkway and awning, and to replace them completely. The uprights are fireplace matches, and the walkway and awning are made from craft sticks.

The work table is made from craft wood, and the barrel is a turned wooden craft item.

The windows and doors were framed with craft wood, and doors were made from plastic sheet with boards scored on them, and hung as per "How To Hang A Door"

The roof is made from plastic sheet, the joints strongly reinforced with epoxy putty, and sanded down on the outside. The false framing and trim are made from matchsticks.

The signs were printed on my computer. The sign on the awning was framed with prepainted matchsticks, and attached to a frame made from more matchsticks.

Various detail bits were added, and a loft floor made from craft sticks.

I'll admit, I didn't take a lot of care with the building, and it shows. It's unlikely to be the showpiece of any game. But all in all, it could be worse, and it was free.