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Survival Campaign Rules
by Stewart Watt

We have used the zombie rules already published in the Combat Zone Chronicles, as well as most of the weapons. Credit to all those submitters and many thanks for your hard work, I hope people get as much from my submission as we do from yours.

These rules were written with a zombie apocalyptic event in mind. They could just as easily work for alien invasion or general apocalypse campaigns as well with a little tweaking.

We have also decided to defer to the existing campaign rules as we progress our gang.

NB: on all the tables below, unless specifically stated otherwise, if a character either starts with or finds a weapon it comes with D4 ammo.

You start with D4+3 gang members. Each is rolled for on the charts below.

Age Roll D8
1-2 Under 16 -1 Toughness, +1 Ap
3-7 16-40 Normal
8 41+ 4cm move,
re-roll for experience smarts
Gender Roll D2
1 Male
2 Female
Quality Roll D8
1-4 Green
5-7 Average
8 Veteran

Background: Roll D10. You cannot accumulate doubling effects
1-3 Nothing of any real use during an apocalyptic event.
Weapon roll D6 (1-3 nothing, 4-5 hand weapon, 6 hand gun)
4 IT guy/gal (double the effect of IT resource, can crack security codes on doors, etc).
Weapon roll D6 (1-3 nothing, 4-5 hand weapon, 6 hand gun)
5 Mechanical/Engineering (double he effect of MECH resource on vehicles, can hotwire vehicles, can scavenge any vehicle once for 6AP, will get D4 MECH resource in return, can put together a vehicle mounted flame thrower using 10 MECH resource, and no doubling. It should use a fuel unit everytime it is fired.).
Weapon roll D6 (1-2 nothing, 3-5 hand weapon, 6 hand gun)
6 Gang member/Police ( can hot-wire vehicles) .
Weapon roll D6 (1-hand weapon, 2-4 hand gun, 5 hand weapon and handgun, 6 machine pistol) .
Armor roll D6 (1-3 none, 4-5, padded, 6 flack)
7 Military/Swat Weapon roll D6 (1-3 assault rifle, 4-5 machine pistol, 6 heavy weapon (playerchoice)).
Armor roll D6 (1-2 none, 3-5 flack, 6 full)
8 Hunter Weapon roll D6 (1-2 scoped bow or crossbow, 3 shot gun, 4-5 scoped single shot rifle, 6 assault rifle)
9 Medical (only medical types are able to use med-packs).
Weapon roll D6 (1-3 nothing, 4-5 hand weapon, 6 hand gun)
10 Cook (double effect of food resource). Weapon roll D6 (1-2 nothing, 3-5 hand weapon, 6 hand gun)

Each gang member gets D6 -3 Random Skill rolls. Duplicated rolls are lost

Random Skills: Roll D10
1 Fast Add 2 cm to all movements
2 Fit 1 extra AP
3 Strong +2 in Hand to hand, good at kicking in doors, etc
4 Clever +1 to roll when being taught, roll a further skill as well
5 Charismatic Leader + 1 morale roll of gangers within 10cm. (This cannot be taught). If killed any gang member who sees the death is -1 morale for the rest of the game.
6 Teacher Able to learn skills from or share their skills with others between missions on a D6 roll of a6. +1 to the dice roll per teaching session. Anyone teaching or being taught can not use their skills in that turn
7 Loner Ignore need to stay in group
8 Lucky Scavenger
9 Stealthy Zombies will ignore even if in their field of view on a D6 roll of 3+D2
10 Brave/Coward (Roll high/low) +/- 1 on personal moral rolls. Someone with Charismatic leader and teach skills can teach a coward to not be and a normal to be brave

Every original gang member should roll on this at the start of the campaign and any random recruits should also get a roll on this when recruited during the campaign.

Starting Equipment. Roll D20
1 2 food, 1 fuel, 1 ammo of choice
2 2 food, 2 fuel, 2 ammo of choice
3 3 food, 2 fuel, 2 ammo of choice
4 3 food, 3 fuel, 3 ammo of choice
5 3 food, 3 fuel, weapon (D6, 1-3 pistol, 4 heavy pistol, 5 shotgun, 6 bolt action rifle)
6 3 food, 3 fuel, weapon (D6, 1-2 pistol, 3 heavy pistol, 4 shotgun, 5 machine pistol, 6 smg)
7 1 food, 4 fuel
8 2 food, 4 fuel
9 3 food, 5 fuel
10 3 food, 2 med-packs
11 4 food , 4 med-packs
12 Weapon (D6, 1-2 heavy pistol, 3 shotgun, 4 machine pistol, 5 smg, 6 ISW with bipod)
13 Weapon (D6, 1-2 pistol, 3 heavy pistol, 4 shotgun, 5 machine pistol, 6 smg)
14 D4 grenades
15 6 food
16 Crossbow or bow with D4 explosive tip ammo
17 Weapon or weapon enhancement of players choice (to be agreed by other players, not heavy weapon)
18 Motorbike, 1 food, 2 fuel
19 D4 claymore mines plus detonators
20 Heavy weapon of players choice ( to be agreed by other players) and D4 ammo

Lucky Scavengers can roll twice and pick the result they want before determining any quantities.

Each gang will be based out of a customised truck, bus etc. that way the survivor gangs can all form a convoy. Gangs should be sort of co-operative while ultimately looking for their own benefit.

You can get a whole bunch of diecast bin lorrys, vans, camper vans, trucks, etc from supermarkets, etc. it should be fun to customize a truck each, maybe going mad max would be appropriate......

Resources will be tracked from game to game, working on the assumption that every day is a battleduring a zombie apocalypse.

Each gang member should use a food ration every time you play. Cooks can double a food ration to feed two. This represents their better understanding of how to make food last.

Each time a weapon is used in a game it should use 1 ammo ration for the weapon type from the gang's reserve at the beginning of the game. This resource is gone whether you fire the weapon or not. This is easy to track and saves too much bean counting. The exception should be bows and crossbows used by hunters, who can always make more basic ammunition.

Missiles/grenades should be tracked on a shot by shot basis. Isw uses 2 assault rifle ammo per game and an auto shotgun 2 shotgun ammo, other high ROF heavy weapons use 3.

Fuel should be tracked as well. Gangs should be able to have more than one vehicle. Obviously the more cars you have the more fuel you use........

Fuel use per game

  • Bike 1 unit
  • Car 2 units
  • Van, camper, truck, etc 3 units

Vehicles are prone to breaking down. Roll a D10. You need a 6 or better to avoid a vehicle breakingdown. +1 for every mech you have (each mech can only work on one vehicle at a time but you can allocate after you roll. You can use MECH resource to boost your roll. MECH resources represent the bits, pieces and lubricants a trained mechanic has scavenged or found to use to keep vehicles running.

Having an engineer / mechanic doubles the value of any MECH resource used in a turn, even if they are working on a different vehicle. This represents their competence with all things mechanical.

IT people and IT resources can be used to find out information about the next location you visit.

Roll aD10, you need to get an 11 to find out anything. Add +1 for every IT person and every IT resource you use. If you are successful in a straight scavenger game you may, once in the game, dictate what type of building you have wandered into and may add up to +5 to your first scavenging roll in that building (or rolls if using a Lucky Scavenger).

In a scenario based game you will know the location of something special or discover the secret security code, etc.

Anyone who puts together a scenario will need to have 10 facts written down on pieces of paper. Anyone who carries out a successful IT roll should be able to pick one of these facts.

The rest should be discarded as they can never be found out. An example might be a secret weapon stash in a military hq, a stash of nox in a fuel dump, a special weapon in a science facility, or just knowing where there is a trap, the spawning points for a game, etc.

If you are straight out scavenging use the following table to randomise what each building is in the ruined city scape. It will only become clear what the building is when a ganger enters the building.

Building Type: Roll D10
1-4 Residential
5 Office
6 Supermarket
7 Car shop or garage
8 Gun shop/police station/military
9 Medical
10 Restaurant

What You Find: Roll D10
  Residential Office Supermarket Car shop or garage Gun shop/police station/military Medical Restaurant
1-3 Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing
4 1 food 1 food 1 food 1 fuel D4 standard ammo 1 med-pack 1 food
5 2 food 1 food
1 IT
2 food D4+2 standard ammo 3 med-packs 1 food
1 hand weapon
2 food
6 2 food
1 hand weapon
2 IT 3 food 1 MECH Pistol
(heavy on a D6
roll of a 6)
2 medi packs
1 food
D4 food
7 Pistol
2 food
2 IT D6 Food D4 MECH Pistol
(heavy on a
D6 roll of a 6)
+ D6 ammo for it
1 medi pack
1 hand weapon
D4 food
1 IT
8 Survivor Survivor Survivor Survivor Survivor Survivor Survivor
9 Survivor
2 food
1 IT
D6 food Motorbike
D4 fuel
Long arm
(player chooses type)
2 med-packs
2 food
10 2 Survivors Survivor
D6 food
D4 fuel
Any non-heavy weapon
OR any weapon enhancement
(scope,silencer, etc)
OR d8 ammo of players choice
OR body armour/ghillie suit
(players choice of type)
2 medi packs
2 food

Lucky Scavengers should roll twice and pick the result they want (before making rolls to determine quantities).

Any survivors found in a non residential building can affect their background roll by +-1 if that can move them into a roll appropriate to the location they were found. A roll of a 1 can be moved to a 10. This means you are more likely to find medics in a medical building, etc.

Subsequent searches would start at D10 minus 4, then D10 minus 5, etc so the first search will be mostlikely to uncover the good stuff in a building.

A gang member should spend 3 AP in a building to perform a search.

When you enter a building you must also roll on the spawning table below.

Zombie Spawn table: Roll D6
1 D4
2 D6
3 2D4
4 D4 + D6
5 2D6
6 3D6

Stealthy scavengers can remove 1 dice before they have been rolled for the final number on the Zombie Spawn table.

The building can be neutralized as a spawn point if a ganger or group of gangers spend 6 action point securing it in one turn. If no zombies are spawned in a turn, then roll on the spawning table and roll a scatter dice to determinewhere on the table edge the zombie pack spawn. If a hit is rolled on the scatter dice randomize between the non neutralized buildings on the table. Zombies spawned like this should move randomly using a scatter dice.

If the dice indicates off the table then the opposite direction to the scatter arrow should be followed, a hit means they continue in the same direction that they are traveling.

They should move at full speed as a pack, ignoring the effects of any terrain, until they see or hear something.

At this point they will head directly towards it. Seeing takes precedence over hearing, nearer takes precedence over further.

If players are short on particular resource you should have themed games, ie a fuel dump raid if they are short of fuel, rescue besieged group if short of manpower, hyper market raid if short of food, hospital,farm, car showroom, bus depot, train station, police station or military base, etc.......

As you carry on players should write encounters with in situ gangs, military and paramilitary forces,farmers, lone heroes, etc, who do not take kindly to your scavengers stealing their resource.

These groups and individuals can be played by guest players, one of the normal players who's gang need some down time (they should still use fuel and food resource) or work to a set of criteria like the zombies (though not specifically the same criteria).

If you want to have a narrative then this can be built in, leading the convoy to an ultimate confrontation with what or whomever is causing the zombie blight and maybe solving/fixing/destroying the root cause.

During the game each resource that is scavenged should be represented by a coloured counter, that way you can avoid book keeping during the game and they can be easily added up at the end.

Crossbows, bows and silenced guns should not attract the attention of zombies unless the shooter is in the open.

Tracking noise

Every shot causes 1 sound point, explosions 2, burst fire 3, claymore or missile strike 10 points. If your gang is silent for a turn then reduce the sound level by 2.

When you get to ten roll on the Zombie Spawn table, then a scatter dice, then 3 D4 x 10cm. the zombies spawn there. Sound cannot be located by zombies through buildings.