Taco Dump
by Gisby

Taco Dump. The second most popular eatery in the Combat Zone. Their cheerful mascot, 'Dumpy,' always smiles down on you, saying 'Eat Your Beans!'

NO NO NO.... He's a pile of refried beans....

This kit is from Northern Lights Terrain, a manufacturer in my own home town!

The kit is made from 3mm MDF, making it very sturdy. There are two floors to the building, and they come apart for easy access.

The ground floor has tile texture on the interior floor, and decorative texture on the pad in front of the store. I painted the outer pad design with a brown wash within the rounded squares, and then a black wash over all.

I added some hot sauce bottles on the counter, and a napkin dispenser. This doesn't really do much to hide the fact that I didn't add any interior.

The floors on the upper level duplicate the textures on the floor below.

The rear of the building has ventilation fans supplied, but there are no stairs. You just have to pretend.

The red-white-green sections were masked off with tape before painting, the trim was added later.

I added a trash cans on both levels, and scattered trash of various types. I printed out wrappers and bags with Taco Dump logos on them, and painted rolled-up paper as discarded cups.

I added a wooden pergola over the balcony, and printed travel posters showing Mexico's main tourist attractions: Volcanoes, Elephants, and Dinosaurs.

The balcony gives a good field of fire, and a bit of cover.

'Dumpy' and the building signs were printed on my computer. I also found a toy 'Poo' emoji to add as a 3D logo.

All in all, it's a lovely kit straight out of the box: Sturdy, builds up a treat, and with tactical possibilities.

With just a little love, it will be a little gem.

The figures shown for scale are from Moonraker Miniatures' Personalities range.