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More Car Wrecks in Combat Zone
by René Raap

A warzone like the combat zone is strewn with the wrecks of shot up, burned out and broken down cars.

A few of these add a nice touch to a table and provide your little troopers with much needed cover to hide behind.

To make wrecked cars I'd recommend going to a second hand shop. Not only can you pick up toy cars at a bargain (mine mostly cost 0,50 or 1 euro a piece), but if you're really lucky the previous owner has already done all the hard work of wrecking the toy for you! That's unless you enjoy picking a hammer or pliers and demolishing the car yourself.

I always take the cars apart to see what's there. You usually need everything for the wreck, but you might find useful bits for other projects. After cleaning, I paint the pieces.

Light coloured interiors get a dark wash, the dark ones a drybrush with grey. I dirty them up with brown washes and stains, and add a brown/beige paint for dust and dirt.

I'll also add a small tuft of grass here and there, as I imagined they have been wrecked quite a while ago and nature has reclaimed the cars.

I cut up the windows with pliers. I leave some broken windows in place, and scatter some of the broken pieces inside and out.

The exteriors get a dark undercoat, followed by two succesively lighter drybrushes for some of the cars with some rust here and there.

Two of the cars are completely rusted. For the rust I started with stippling a bright red unto the car, followed by some orange and a bright orange for the final speckles. I used black and brown washes to tone down the rust in some spots.

After putting the cars back together I gave them a drybrush with the same brown/beige used for the interior to give them a layer of dust.

Car wrecks are a cheap and fast way to add some cover to your gaming table. And they're fun, too!

But you can get more from your wrecks. As car owners will know, most people have at least some stuff lying around in their car (some seem to be carrying everything they own).

It might be worthwhile to have a look for useful loot in a wreck.

To add the possibility of looting car (wrecks) to your games you can use the following rules:

Models that are in base to base contact with a car (wreck) can spend 2 AP to loot the vehicle. They can spend additional AP to receive a +1 modifier per 2 AP spent, when rolling on the table below to determine the result of the search:

You can also use the table for other pieces of scenery as well. Dumpsters might be well worth the effort of searching as well as crates (you could modify the contents of the table to reflect a more suiting contents for military crates offcourse).

Scavenging Car (wrecks) Table
d10 Result
1 Kaboom! As the warrior opens the door, he triggers a boobytrap. Center the small blast template on the warrior, he immediately receives a hit as per a frag grenade.
2 Ouch! While searching the warrior fails to notice he disturbs the hiding place of a small critter. The critter lashes out and the warrior receives a 2d6 hit.
3-5 Nothing. No matter how much effort the warrior puts into his search, he turns up empty handed.
6-7 Opening the glove compartment the warrior notices a holster containing a pistol. Throw a d6 to determine the kind of pistol: 1-2 light pistol, 3-4 medium pistol, 5-6 heavy pistol.
8-9 After popping the trunk the warrior finds a golf club, baseball bat or tire iron (counts as a club).
10+ After a thorough search the warrior smiles and retrieves a fire arm from the car. Throw a d6 to determine the kind of weapon: 1-3 saw-off shotgun, 4-5 combat shotgun, 6 assault rifle.
Note: all car (wrecks) may only be searched once no matter which result is thrown.