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Nightmare Class Replicants
by Robert Provan

I needed a truly terrifying opponent but replicants were not scary enough.

With my new terrain taking shape I’m starting to give some thought to a campaign structure. I decided I needed a truly terrifying opponent but wanted to keep a high tech feel to the campaign instead of resorting to the supernatural, replicants were a good start but not scary enough.

Nightmare Class replicant (NCR) is a generic term given to any replicant rebuilt with an array of close combat weapons, these machines are used as weapons of terror and are commonly targeted at the civilian population.

A single nightmare class in a shopping mall can cause higher casualties than a car bomb, partly due to its ability to hunt down fleeing or hiding targets.

NCR's appear to be rebuilds of scrapped units. The wreckage of one attack alone provided parts from 4 different machines, and an example of hideously sadistic programming instructions.

Skeletal RobotCurrently the only clue to the source of the most devastating of these attacks has been a series of postings from a group calling itself “The Correspondence Anarchists.”

The postings are released hours or days ahead of the attacks in the form of cryptic verse that give oblique clues to the target and purpose.

So far none of the verses have been deciphered pre attack and those that hint at a motive are so vague that over a dozen wildly conflicting explanations have all been made to fit.

[Referees note: the reason for “The Correspondence Anarchists” or TCA is that one of the major corporations for this planned campaign is “Transmutual Conglomeration of Associates” or TCA. Is there a link or is it just a random source of confusion?

TCA corp did have a disposal contract for some of the military replicants that have been used, but they’ve also lost personnel when a TCA terrorist replicant hit a mall adjacent to one of their main offices.]

Following the first employment of these machines by the TCA several more conventional terrorist groups have attempted to employ them in a similar manner but they have failed to duplicate the skill of the TCA programmers and the copycat machines are often slow and clumsy.

NCRs have the following rules.

  • They may not use ranged weapons.
  • AP as per base chassis.
  • Toughness as per base chassis.
  • Cost as per base chassis +15.
  • +2D6 to base CC Attack.
  • +6 to base CC damage.
  • Break down door skill applies (see Aliens in the Combat Zone)
  • Roll 2D6 once on the following table to determine if any further effects from the rebuild/reprogramming apply (Optional)

2 -2 AP
3 -1 AP
4-5 Bonus to CC Attack is only 2D4
6-8 No effect
9-10 May drop down (normally does not apply
to robots)
11 +1 AP
12 +2 AP
Skeletal Robot

In the case of a referee being available to run the scenario they may of course choose any reprogramming effect they wish.


The Nightmare Class replicant was made by removing the arms from a replicant model and drilling two holes in each shoulder. Lengths of wire were superglued into each hole then bent to shape and cut to length.

Skeletal Robot vs. Cops

The circular saw blade was made from a scrap of plastic from a bread bag tag and the arms were built up with successive layers of epoxy putty.

To better represent the background of being built from scrapped parts the normal drybrushed metal over black scheme that I use for replicants was supplemented with a rusty brown top coat and one of the eyes was painted bright orange instead of red.


Civilian Rescue

A single Nightmare Class replicant has been unleashed in a crowded civilian area with a few under resourced cops (roll 1d6 for number of cops, armed with medium pistols) trying to contain it until back up arrives. Roll for backup each turn stating from the 3rd.

1-3 No backup yet
4 1D6 more Cops with pistols and 1 shotgun
5 1D6 Troopers with Assault rifles
6 1 military Replicant

Skeletal RobotThere should be at least 3D8 civilians on the table who will move during the compulsory action phase unless there is a Cop within 5cm.

Roll 1D6 and on a 4 or less they move 3D6 directly away from the NCR, on a 5 or 6 they move to the nearest cover and attempt to hide. They will not move again unless a cop can reach base contact with them.

Note that civilians cannot hide successfully from the NCR it will find and kill them unless a Cop reaches them.

Civilians within 5cm of a Cop move at the same time as the Cop and may move 5D6cm.

Takeover Bid

A rapid response unit of 3 military replicants with an autocannon and 2 assault rifles has been deployed to take out a marauding Nightmare Class replicant when 1D6 more NCRs burst from hiding.

Each military replicant taken down in close combat rolls 1D6 and on a 3+ has been reprogrammed by a viral attack, reprogrammed replicants change sides and join the NCRs.

Intercept Force

Following the takeover bid scenario the surviving Nightmare Class replicants and their subverted military replicants are following a straight line course to a major military research facility. They must be stopped!

All available forces are being thrown in their path as soon as they come available, the deployment of further replicants will not be considered however.

The replicants must cross a 2m long board, each turn the defender rolls for reinforcements.

1 No reinforcements this turn
2 1D6 cops with medium pistols and 1D4 shotguns
3 1D4 troopers with assault rifles
4 1D6 troopers with assault rifles
5 1D4 troopers with assault rifles and one with heavy weapon (choose or roll)
6 1D4 troopers in powered armour

Reinforcements will arrive at a random point along one of the long sides of the board but not more than 10cm behind the rearmost replicant.