Kevin earned 35
in eM-4 credit


The Auto Body Shop
by Kevin Crowe

I was inspired by the Plasticville articles in the CoZoChron: So I knew I had to get some.

I was able to pick up 5 pieces in a lot on eBay, for a good price. Unfortunately, one was HO scale, and just wouldn't do.

This is that model, an air plane hanger, converted and expanded.

Using foamcore.I widened the back wall and built an office extension for the front of the building. The 'L' shape makes for more angles, nooks, and crannies: Before it was just a box.

The building is based on a 12 x 12 ceramic tile, with the detail painted on. Various stains add interest to what could be a blank, grey expanse.

The broken window glass is plastic cut from a mini blister and most of the details, counter, work bench, etc are made from foamcore. Grit & litter in the corners is sand & paper glued in place.

The paint is simple: White and brown, heavily weathered: The walls are stained, and the windows have missing & blistered paint, showing a real lack of maintenance.

I cut the Bates Auto Body sign out of the phone book and all the posters and miniature cardboard boxes I down loaded for free off of the internet.

I finished it off with some odds and ends from my bit box to give it that cluttered "lived in" look. Barrels, boxes, spare wheels, almost anything will help.

Its a pretty good size building and I can add a few cars if I need more cover.

Great cover - Hot Lead and Cool Terrain!!