by Gisby

"KDIL. The BIIIIIG Ooone.... Wake up with a hot CHICK in the morning...."

KDIL had been number 1 in Kudzu County for many years, even though the daily weather report had been taped 20 years ago, and never needed to be changed. ('It's hotter'n HELL out there, folks!')

And a big 'Hello Seeker!' to any Firesign Theater fans out there.

The building is of course the Plasticville WPLA. Typical of tiny TV affiliates in the earliest days of broadcasting, it will do fine as a small-town radio station. For the most part it was built straight from the box.

The big alteration isn't even noticeable: The call letters are from a craft store, and were too big for the upright sign that came with the kit. I made a new sign out of two thicknesses of sintra.

I also scraped off the embossed letters on the front of the building. To cover any flaws in my workmanship, I added some greenery in a box.

The best way to cover flaws in my workmanship
is to turn off the lights.The box is a pair of upside-down Legos, and the greenery is tufts from a craft store plant.

The coffee cup is rolled-up paper, with a spill made from brown ink and Future floor polish.

The whole is on a base made of sintra, with the parking area on it's own base, to make storage easier.

The cars shown are dollar-store finds: 
3 styrene plastic model cars for a dollar.

The figures are 0074 SMG. Rasta

The sign was made on my computer, and features a picture of the Amazing Chick Lewis. That's the joke. Hot Chick. Pretty good, huh?

The big joke is that it's my pal, 
Chick Lewis on the billboard. Great joke, huh?
The figures are 0074 SMG. Rasta

The signboard and parking area walls are made of sintra. The endpost/bollards are 3-high stacks of single-pip Legos, topped with round push pins. (A similar pin tops the antenna)

The building has a scribed tile floor, but I didn't bother with an interior.

To avoid breakage during gaming, the antenna (surrounded by fencing from a dollar-store toy) is mounted on magnetized rubber.

A few signs and some sponge greenery and it's done.