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White Boys
When men in black just canít cut it
by Arjen Pilon

Suits are some of the most versatile models in the Future Warriors range...

Typically, suits are used either as mobsters, bodyguards or governmental agents and painted accordingly.

I wanted mine to be different, but still uniform. I opted to paint all the suits white with black shirts, basically a negative of the "man in black" style suit. That way they could be used as slick mobsters and still double up as "men in white" style governmental agents.

When I started to paint them I wanted to expand my painting horizons a tiny bit so I chose a technique which I believe was first brought to larger attention by Rackham's painters: highlighting from the top down. In this way you treat the model as having a single light source above them, rather than highlighting them in a way that brings out all the higher areas.

Highlighting from the top down enhances the natural shadows of the model more than conventional highlighting which was just what I needed for my white suits.

I used the grey undercoat the models were supplied in as the undercoat, and basecoated the models in light grey. After this I painted all but the deepest shadows in an even lighter grey (Vallejo Ghost Grey), using the natural shadows of the model as a guide. Finally I highlighted all the areas that were lighted directly in pure white.

I painted the shirt black and highlighted it in a similar way with very dark grey. Next I painted the skin and then I painted the details (shoes, weapons, hair and shades) black.

I wanted a bit of a mobster look for them so I painted their hair dark brown and gave them each a moustache. I drybrushed the weapons with grey. I gave the leader (the bald man) some leftover hair around his head with thinned down grey paint and highlighted his moustache with grey as well. He has a bit of a godfather feel about him which I like very much.

When the painting was done I touched the bases up with black and based the models with black decoration sand (my refuge if I can't use a black undercoat on a sanded base) and drybrushed it in shades of blue-grey. Because some of the paint was already wearing off I quickly gave them a double coat of varnish (gloss for protection and matte for looks) and touched up the shoes and shades with gloss.

I like to give my models a ride of some sort (even though I hardly use vehicles in my games) so my mobsters got two 1:43 Burago Ferrari's to speed in. I painted these white to match the models, and coated them with gloss paint to make them go even faster. There's only room for four people in those two cars, so whoever draws the shortest straw walks.