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Taking the Punk out of the Savages
by Arjen Pilon

.I really like post-apocalyptic movies, but....

I felt the EM4 savage models looked too rag-tag and post-apocalyptic for my game setting: Not a desert wasteland but rather a decaying suburb. So I decided to patch them up and get rid of the punk look as well. Here's how they turned out.

AtunowhihoBase figure: 0031

This was the first savage model I ever converted and painted, and at the time he was used to represent a native American mercenary in another SF skirmish game. I only gave him long hair using putty and left the feathers intact (they fitted the character well). Since he's my only savage with an assault rifle at the moment he'll probably see an unfair amount of action.

Leo & Pantera

Leo: 0024
Pantera: 0034

Leo: I started by filling all the gaps in the back of his shirt (unfortunately I forgot the front), next, I made him a new kneepad and exchanged his dreads for long manes befitting his name using MagicSculp.

I painted him in predominantly black clothes with reddish hair. My favourite detail on this miniature has to be the floppy disc around his neck.

Pantera, originally more of a near-future cavegirl than anything else got her feathers removed and her stone pick exchanged for the sleek looking sword from the plastic trooper sergeant.

To help her fit in I painted her legs as if she was wearing leather pants, and added bra straps on her back. Now aren't they a lovely couple together? They even exchanged locks of hair (which helps to explain her bald spot).

Faust & Fist

Faust: 0033
Fist: 0027

Faust was one of the few savages that didn't need a haircut since he already had long hair. I sculpted him a new kneepad and remodelled his shin-guards to make them identical. I cut loose his pistol-arm and changed it's position slightly, and remodelled his hand.

His paintjob is straightforward, mostly black with some details in green to break it up a little.

Fist (whose real name is too explicit for a family newspaper like the Combat Zone Chronicles) got a fresh kneepad. I also removed his feathers and sculpted hair on the rest of his head.

 Steeler: 0031
Scorch: 0029

Steeler & Scorch

Steeler got his hair, feathers, nose-chain and assault rifle cut away, and received a scratchbuilt chainsaw in return. I fixed the holes in his vest and since he's wielding a chainsaw his hair is neatly tied into a tail.

I painted him to match my other models (black leather) and gave him a bag which was made from an old Dutch postal service bag (hence the flag).

Scorch needed a lot of work on his pants to remove all the straps and details, and got his second kneepad fixed as well.

I replaced his Mohawk with long hair in a tail (don't want that hair to catch fire). I left the necklace of teeth and bit of fur intact since it seemed like too much of a hassle to remove.

I gave his pants a camouflage scheme (as if he stole it from some troopers) and painted his fuel can in a dirty white to prevent myself from using too much colour on these models.

As a home for my savages I rebuilt two large buses I had laying around into a static defence wall. I removed everything I didn't need, and gave the models a new floor and bound wire mesh to the inside of the windows (on one side of the bus), and boarded it up with bits of cardboard.

The side with the doors was left completely open. The front and rear of the buses were closed up with corrugated paper and cardboard. I kept the roofs removable for easier access.

I sprayed them black and wanted to try out a rusty look, so I drybrushed them first with dark brown, then with orange and finally with light brown (with a hint of orange). After the drybrush I gave them a more blotchy appearance by adding extra orange and light brown spots.

I left the inside black to make them look darker from a distance. I added graffiti, warnings on the outside (the defensive side) and posters and more casual graffiti on the inside (the open side).

While painting and building them was fairly simple, I am really pleased with the way they look on the table when arranged as a defensive wall (which was how they were intended). The rust effect is easy to accomplish and very effective, and I'll have to be careful not to overdo it in the future.