Karl's Klassy Kids
"Buy 'em by the Pound"
by Gisby

You too can have a designer child without paying those high laboratory prices. Just go to an outlet store!

At a recent garage sale, I bought a bag of car-type toys for a dollar... because it contained a useful-looking building!

It was a single-piece styrene casting, bright yellow, with clear plastic windows and door, originally intended to represent a service station or car dealership.

The first thing that had to go was a healthy covering of stickers: Repeated applications of lighter fluid removed them without harming the plastic.

Base Figure:
0074 Rasta

The roof was cut away by scribing on the inside where the walls met the roof, with the back edge of an Xacto knife. Eventually I was able to just pop it off, but it took some work. (The roof plastic was thicker than the walls)

There were a number of vents moulded on the parts removed, and I cut them away for use on other buildings.

I tried to remove the windows, but they weren't going to come out without real damage to them and to the building.

I also removed the door and put it somewhere 'safe.' Safe from me in any case, I haven't seen it since.

New roof sections were cut from sheet plastic, and locating lugs added to keep them in place.

The narrow section has a sign attached, on a framework of matchsticks.

There is a giant mascot (from a Kinder Egg) sitting on the roof over the door.

The fact that he has 3 eyes suggests that Karl might be selling cheap knock-offs rather than factory seconds.

There's also a roof vent, and an eM-4 satellite dish up there with him.

Base Figures:
0066 Female Biker
0068 Female Biker

A base was cut from Sintra. A sidewalk, curb, and floor tiles were scored into the base before the building was attached.

The building came with a large opening in the rear. I made the sides parallel, and added tracks for a loading door, made from styrene sheet. (Design copied from a Plasticville building)

I masked the windows and sprayed the building with white spray paint as a primer coat: All other pieces were primed with grey primer. (Before assembly, duh)

Painting was kept simple, pink & blue trim, and an ugly design for the floor. Weathering was done with magic wash.

The interior and windows were decorated with posters advertising this week's 'specials'.

Base figure:
0068 Female bikerMore critters from Kinder Eggs stand inside the building.

Eventually I gave up, and cut a new piece of plastic to replace the door, still in it's 'safe' place.

The base was decorated with a trash can, fire hydrant & a bit of greenery.

Base figure: 0068