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Armoured Car
by René Raap

Boys will be boys after all, and pointing a gun before firing greatly increases the chance of scoring a hit!

A while ago I picked up an armored car at a local store. There was some minor damage: the barrel and a hatch were missing and a few things had left some holes in it. First a used a bit of plasticard and sprue to make a new hatch. Another small piece of sprue was made into a light.

As a new barrel for the main gun I used one of the plastic robot weapons which incidentally slid into place perfectly and makes for a very nice gun. For the antenna I used a paperclip and constructed it in a way which enabled the gun to still make a 360 degrees turn.

At this stage I was thinking about making the car look a little bit more used and 'in action' so to speak. The backpacks and other equipment from the plastic sets are ideal..

In the end I decided to go for a more clean and tidy look and so the backpacks went back into the parts box. For painting I used a dark blue with a lighter highlight, dark grey for the wheels and some brown for dirt. Quite simple actually!

With the armored car looking so great I couldn't resist making a larger project out of it. It needed something more, crew to be more precise.

EM4's paramilitary make excellent crew and so I decided to order the two with smg's.

Together with the Trooper leader as commander they would make a nice crew for the car. I also ordered the paramilitary with shotgun twice, since it looks great and with these additional two I would also have a squad of five paramilitary.

After a black undercoat I gave them a drybrush with VMC Luftwaffe Uniform WWII and then a drybrush with Citadel Shadow Grey. The weapons, boots, comm. links and belts were painted black with a highlight of VMC German Grey. The vests with balck and a highlight of Citadel Codex Grey

Then the skin was painted in three tones with Citadels Dark Flesh, Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh. For the buttons and small details I again used VMC Luftwaffe Uniform WWII as I didn't want these to stick out.

I painted the details of the commander with lighter colours to make him attract more attentions. First of all the chevrons, which I painted metallic with white. The cloth beneath his chin was painted khaki. And last but certainly not least his cigar was painted as if it was burning.

And while I was at it I decided to make some rules for crews of armored fighting vehicles in general.

AFV Crew

Consist of: 1 Commander and 1-4 Crewmembers (one seems a suitable number for any light AFV, two for a medium AFV and 3-4 for a large or heavy AFV).

Commander: Quality: Veteran or Elite; Weapon: Any kind of pistol; Armour: None, Ablative or Flak Jacket.

Crewmembers: Quality: Average, Veteran or Elite; Weapon: Any kind of pistol, assault rifle (only one per crew), autoshotgun (only one per crew), armour: None, Ablative or Flak Jacket.

  • They may each carry one grenade, but no more then half of these may be Fragmentation grenades.
  • They are always esuipped with comm. links.
    Special Rule: If an AFV is equipped with an AA Machinegun the crew may 'rescue' this piece of equipment from the destroyed vehicle and make use of it.
  • For this salvaging to be succesfull a 4+ is needed on a d6.
  • One of the crewmembers may then carry and use this Machinegun.
  • But since he is not trained to operate such a weapon he will have a -1 to hit on all his dice.