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Shoot to Kill!
Heavy weapon cops tear down the neighbourhood!
by Arjen Pilon

Converting a cop to carry a heavy weapon is simple in theory but requires some heavy cutting.

I wanted some heavy weapons for my cops, but since EM4 doesn't sell any (apart from 0049 Cop Hero) I had to make them myself. The result is worth it though.

I made three heavy weapon cops: one with an autocannon (which can also be used as a machine gun), one with a missile launcher and one with a heavy laser.

The autocannon gunner was based on shotgun cop 0051 because of his animated pose. I carefully cut away the shotgun including the hands, and found that the autocannon from SFP7 Ganger Heavy Weapons fits quite snugly in the created space.

I pinned it in place, sculpted on a new right hand and he was done.

The missile launcher cop required more cutting. I removed the arms & weapon from SMG cop 0048, and cleaned up the torso.

The shoulder pad and sleeve pouches were removed from the SFP5 Trooper Heavy Weapons missle launcher before attaching it to the figure.

I filled any gaps, sculpted a police badge on the right shoulder, and added buttons to his jacket.

The heavy laser is made from the SFP5 recoilless rifle, with the barrel shortened to make it look more like a heavy laser. Being a simple box, the magazine works very well as an energy pack.

I mounted the weapon on SMG cop 0050, replacing the left arm and weapon with those of the recoilless rifle.

The recoilless rifle rules still fit well with this weapon: long range, high damage but a low rate of fire.

Alternatively, you can use it as a light laser (RoF 1D6, 3d6 damage and unlimited range for 30 points, see Battlebook p. 45).

To lead my heavy weapon cops I use a 0053 Tinpot Dictator. I replaced his right hand with a pointing hand from the trooper command set but didn't alter him in any other way.

I painted the heavy weapon cops to match my other cops: very dark blue. I painted the weapons black and drybrushed them dark grey.

To make them look more interesting I painted on some lights (orange and green), sights (red), markings (white) and other details where appropriate. I painted the energy cell for the heavy laser in white.

As our games are usually based on what we have rather than the other way around I guess they'll see plenty of action. They've already played their first game as a three-man veteran squad, but didn't manage to kill the unspeakable horror they were sent to destroy...