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We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists.
Converting a hostage rescue squad for Combat Zone
by Arjen Pilon

Even in the Corporate Enclaves occasionally someone gets desperate enough to take a hostage. And SOME Corporations don't negotiate.

The hostage rescue squad is based on SFP1 plastic Troopers with metal torsos from SFP5 Trooper Heavy Weapons. These torsos have flak jackets which fit in better with the theme than a combat suit.

I equipped them all with SMGs from the SFP6 Trooper Command set. Because the number of poses on those is a bit limited I removed two SMGs from the left arm and glued them to plastic assault rifle arms.

It's a bit tricky to do but with some putty and superglue it looks alright.

The other three models needed something in their other arm, so I made a medic with a medkit, a trooper throwing a gas grenade (simply the grenade arm with a bit of plastic rod for a grenade with a different shape), and a leader with a pistol arm, the hand replaced with the hand from the 0053 Tinpot Dictator.

They were all fitted with gas grenades made from short sections of 2mm plastic rod. Because they were using gas grenades, they needed gas masks.

I cut these from five 0041 Gentleman Scavengers and inserted them inside the helmets after cutting and filing away the faces. They could probably been made more easily with putty!

Finally I smoothed all gaps with putty and glued a rectangular foil patch onto the back of each trooper.

I undercoated them black, but I didn't want them to be all-black so I basecoated them in German grey. This made them look a bit too sinister.

I drybrushed them in a lighter grey, and painted the boots, belt, weapons, grenades, gas mask and helmet strap black. This I highlighted with German Grey again.

I drybrushed the guns in metal, painted the eyes grey (I felt I couldn't afford a more evil looking colour like red) and gave them insignia ("Politie" on the back, rank markings and medic markings).

After painting the base it turned out not as bad as I thought, and now the German grey looks almost black again.

They don't look very interesting from a distance but the dark colours work as intended.

In games they can be employed as a squad of veterans or elites equipped with flak armour, machine pistols, riot gas grenades and respirators (see Robin Dear's "New Equipment and Skills for Combat Zone" for rules for riot gas grenades and respirators).