Argen earned £25
in eM-4 credit


Zom Busters!
Who ya gonna call?
by Arjen Pilon

I chose to spend my first credit on (among other things) a squad of NBC Troopers. These are the first five.

Although NBC suits are used in a lot of colours (including camouflage) in real life, I didn't want my little men to look too much like soldiers. I opted for yellow as the main colour, for a more striking protection/radiation suit look.

The models arrived prepared, primed light grey, with all mould lines neatly filed off. I gave them a light spray coat of white for more vibrant colours, and painted them completely yellow.

A wash of thinned medium brown dried much blotchier than I had hoped, so to I drybrushed them with yellow, followed by a lighter yellow.

Next came the hard part: deciding what should stay yellow, and what should be done in other colours.

An NBC suit is composed of several distinct parts (shoes, pants, jacket, gloves, hood, mask and helmet).

I considered giving them black (rubber) gloves but after some thinking I opted to lpretty much everything yellow.

The belt, wristbands, holster, pouches, weapons, mask and boot-soles were painted black. I also blacklined some parts to differentiate different parts of the suit.

The black bits (apart from the weapons) were highlighted in dark grey, weapons were left plain black and given some metal details.

The little box on the front (which I figured to be a Geiger counter or something) I painted red, and the helmet was painted white, because otherwise the model became too yellow. I also painted the light laser backpack white to complement the helmet.

Finally the last remaining details were painted (sights, eyes, warning signs), and they were done.

Since the troopers were primarily intended as a group of elite zombie hunters I wanted to give them some personalised transport (i.e., a car).

I chosee a Corgi Cadillac Superior Ambulance model (from eBay). This is the kind of car the Ghostbusters converted to their "Ectomobile", and the Zombusters were born!

I added two license plates to the model and filled the hole in the roof (where a flashing light used to be) but didn't alter it in any other way.

I painted it to match my troopers: yellow with a white top. I also added some logos and lettering, and finished it off with a coat of gloss varnish.

I'm very pleased with the look of the team. The sculpting of the troopers is awesome, and their tabletop presence is great as the yellow colour scheme really makes them stand out. Now all I need is some zombies to bust...