Gisby earned £40
in eM-4 credit


The Oracles
by Gisby

"To find the Oracles, look for a sign." Somehow that sounded wrong...

On one hand 'The Oracle' was a Comnofemnarkist bookstore, devoted to the ending of societal andrarchy and to the creation of a womyn's anarkist collective.

They organised wen-do classes, political rallies, and terrorist attacks.

On the other hand 'Oracle' was a beauty salon, devoted to perpetuating female stereotypes and to keeping men in thralldom.

For some reason the staff and customers just didn't get along.

In a recent Plasticville lot I obtained several different in their series of 'business' buildings. They share the same sides, back and roof, with only the front and doors being different.

This particular building had originally been the hardware/drugstore, but had been thickly & garishly painted, with pictures and signs glued on. to make a saloon. On the down side, the back wall was glued on upside down, with the doors against the roof.

As it turned out, all the work, including assembly, had been done with white glue, and after 30 or so years, it all just popped off. I removed what paint I could, and carved away the lettering on the front of the building.

The building was then assembled, and sprayed with white paint. Then it was masked, and the back was sprayed with a matte khaki paint.

Then the whole was masked, and the front trim and rear doors were sprayed red.

It was glued to a sintra base, with a central wall added. The roof, walls, and sidewalk were weathered with black and brown washes.

The front signs were printed on my computer and glued to thin styrene sheet. They were attached after the building was painted & weathered.

The windows were glazed as described in The Supermarket, and 'glass' added to the doors..

The various posters (and store hours) were glued to the inside of the windows using liquid cement.

Here it is with the Olsign and the Post Office. Note the great cover given by the recessed doorways.