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El Gato Negro
by Gisby

So Marcel turns to Pierre and says 'Alors! It's made from a little cake!'

The original 'Gato Negro' was a building in my Maximilian Wars Mexican village, and is always a favourite with my friends.

They sem to like the eating area under the sunshade, and the fact that it's essentially a taco stand. Mmm... tacos....

So I was inspired to do an homage to the original.

In a recent Plasticville lot, I got the front & back walls of a Suburban Station, and a broken roof. These became the new El Gato Negro.

I trimmed the bottom 20mm from the two walls, and made new side walls from Styrene.

Although on reflection I could have made the building more square in plan, I kept it roughly the same width as the original walls. (and oddly enough, the original Gato Negro)

I added a 3mm wide strip of styrene to add a bit of interest to the new end walls. I also had to make a replacement front door from styrene.

I used a section of the castoff from the wall to fill the bottom of the freight doors making a take-out window. The counter is styrene.

The sun roof and decorative front roof are cut from the broken kit roof. The supports are cut from pick-up sticks.

I removed the top locking lug on the front walls, and the next lugs form a support for the roof, which is cut from styrene. The air conditioner/lift handle is a lego block with a flat cap.

The base and the bay wall were cut from Sintra. The bench seat and supports are sections of craft wood.

The back is plain & unadorned.

The building was painted in a simple scheme, and washed with brown 'magic' wash. The sidewalk had a black wash.

The signs were printed on my printer and glued to thin plastic sheet. These were glued to the building after all painting was completed.

The condiment table was made from a wooden disk and a craft shop spool. The hot sauce bottle is the end of a pick-up stick.

Taco wrappers and napkins are strewn about, giving the building a 'lived in' look.

Some taco wrappers have landed on the roof as paper planes. They may look crappy, but you try folding 6mm-long paper planes. It's not so easy.

The original kit is still available.