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Tornado Town
by Gisby

People still made jokes about them, but trailer parks became a haven for those fleeing the chaos of the inner cities. Less chance of being blown away by a tornado than by a Glock....

My trailer park has 3 trailers, because that's how many come in the kit. I'm thinking of expanding it, but it takes up a lot of space.

Plasticville trailer park

On the other hand, a table filled with a trailer park has a lot of potential.

Plasticville trailer park

The kits are simple to assemble, and fit well. They are also designed for quick & easy painting. All doors and windows are separate.

They are moulded in aqua, pink, and silver, and look pretty crappy. The plastic doesn't show the detail well, and frankly, looks like plastic.

  • Get some flat white and silver spray paints
  • Assemble the 4 walls of the trailers. Spray paint them flat white.
  • Lay out all the doors, windows, and chassis. Spray paint them silver.
  • Mask off the door frame and any silver trim you want on the trailer bodies and spray silver.
  • Roofs and corrugated canopies can be any colour you want.
  • You can paint the wheels black or build skirting as a foundation. (Stationary mobile homes usually have skirting to keep wind, animals, etc from getting under the trailer.)
  • I added satellite dishes (from em-4) to update the look, and am going to add A/C units.

Once all is dry, assemble the kits and weather them to taste.

Here's a rear and end view.

Plasticville trailers- truck & fence by Ainsty

I chose to make 3 'types' of trailer:

The Basic model is all brushed aluminium: I painted the whole trailer silver.

The Intermediate model has white sides & roof, all else is aluminium.

The De Luxe. I masked off the lower sides to give the trailer brushed aluminium trim, and painted the roof & awning red.

Of course all trailers aren't white, but I wanted to get away from the plasticky look of the models.

The kit gives good results with little effort, and provides plenty of gaming possibilities.

The Trailer Park is a Plasticville O Scale model railroad kit, and is readily available