Getting Into the Combat Zone
by Michael Crossman

My group loves the Combat Zone rules: The first weekend we got together after I had read them we played three days in a row. Now everyone is waiting for more terrain, more figs, and more scenarios.

I've started painting CoZo figures and making terrain, and I thought I'd share some of my efforts.

Please let me know what you think.

One of my Terminators, I painted him a blued-steel colour, and drybrushed him with copper. I really like the effect, and it stands out from the more usual silver-over-gunmetal-over-black look.

Here are some pictures of the terrain pieces I've made so far.

The ruined building was made from scrap pieces of balsa wood left over from the modern city I'm currently finishing up, and is based on a (much too large) piece of foamcore with the paper removed.

This is the front view with a crushed car wreck and one of the rubble piles.

The next is the back view with another rubble pile.

I really like the hole in the second floor, it allows a clear LOS from the front of the building through a window, and vice-versa.

This is a close-up of two rubble piles.

They were made from spare bits I had, plus some pieces of a broken DVD player all glued on a balsa base.

Here are a few more pieces I've painted. I haven't settled into a 'style' yet, and am experimenting and trying new techniques with every piece I do.

Lately I've been having fun trying 'Magic Wash' to bring out details.

I hope you'll be seeing more of my work, and will see how my style changes as I try new techniques.