-------- AN ONGOING NEWSLETTER September 2005

by Jake Rose

The problem with the Skeletal Robots was the lack of available poses. I decided to fix that.

Several years ago I bought the Combat Zone boxed set and thought it was pretty cool. I since have expanded my figure collection with several (thirteen total of EM4's Skeletal Robots to use with the Replicant rules. The one problem I had with the figures was the limited amount of poses available. So I set to work.
For figure code 0329 Skeletal Robot Assault Cannon I carefully sliced of an arm and reattached it with the use of some superglue, and a pin made from a piece of paperclip to add strength to the join. I drilled the holes for the pin with a pin vise.

For figure code 0330 I did a little more. I had four of these guys to start with. Three were decapitated and had the heads reattached looking in a slightly different direction. One of these also had his rifle holding arm sliced off. I carefully separated the rifle from where it is attached to the leg and reformed the lost detail of the cable with a bit of putty. Putty also helped reform the shoulder. Others of this figure had the non-rifle holding arm repositioned in a similar manner.

Figures from code 0331 were given the decapitation and head reattachment treatment. A little putty helped reshape the necks were needed.

All were primed black, and dry brushed with gun metal, then a light brushing of silver. Eyes and a few details were picked out with metallic red, some details including the cables/hoses were painted metallic blue. Weapons were dry brushed with an antique gold color.

The building and roads are done by Garden of War.

All in all the figures were a joy to work with and I finished everything, including the conversions and painting in about three hours. Now I just need to continue to hide from my wife where my hobby knife sliced into the kitchen counter (just kidding Babe!)