-------- AN ONGOING NEWSLETTER September 2005

Easy Conversions for Unique Miniatures VII

Sometimes there are things you want but that nobody makes. Sometimes you just want variety.

I had some 'visions' in my head of a Dictator and his staff, but nobody made them. I also wanted to look a bit farther afield to see if I could integrate unexpected miniatures into my games.

Did I succeed? You be the judge.


I liked the Barbarians range, but I don't 'do' fantasy. I figured I'd try a few for CoZo, and I think they turned out well.

I removed his knife, and reshaped his axe. I rearmed him with an uzi, and dressed him in a denim vest.

Base figure Barbarian 0112


I removed this figure's sword & shield, and replaced them with a pistol & prybar. I also added a denim vest pattrned after those on the Bikers.

Base figure Barbarian 0090


I removed his bow and gave him pistols. I added a baseball cap and sunglasses.

Base figure Barbarian 0103


I removed his bow, and gave him a knife, uzi, and sunglasses. 2 pistols would have worked, too.

Base figure Barbarian 0104


I replaced his sword with a chainsaw. It seemed perfect, so I left it.

Base figure Barbarian 0118

Babe with guns

I always felt this figure had good potential, but I never liked the results I got changing her head.

I chose instead to replace her head with one from 0011. I turned it to the side and added longer hair. Her hands were replaced with pistol hands from the command pack.

Base figure 0038

Female Trooper

The conversion above left me with a body and a head. I combined them, adding long hair again. Turning the face forward makes a big change.

Base figure 0011

Please send us pictures of your conversions
or comments on ours!

That way we can fill our Galleries!


I wanted a cheerier Dictator to charm the masses: He has a cheery smile, a friendly wave, and he wears his hat at a jaunty angle!

Base figure 0053

Dictator's Flunky

Whether he's a gofer, or in charge of crushing the opposition, he is a pefect example of the 'Master Race'... sort of.

I wanted a scrawny, weak, sinister type to be the second in command for the Great Man.

Base figure 0081

Dictator's Aide

Somebody needs to keep track of his appointments!

Her suit had a good line for a 40's-cut uniform. I added the details with milliput, and changed her hair.

Base figure 0011

Guard/Police NCO

I trimmed away his shorts, and added uniform details to the figure.

I am not altogether happy with him, as he is so bulky that he looks a bit deformed. The figure doesn't look as 'neckless' as the picture, and his hat isn't askew, honest!

Base figure 0048


Intended as a guard for my Tinpot Dictator, she would enhance any police squad.

I just added the uniform with milliput.

Base figure 0066


Companion to the figure above: I trimmed away any fringes, etc. and added the uniform with milliput.

I cut her gun down into a pistol and replaced her arm so she was in a firing pose.

Base figure 0068


I removed his MAR and repositioned his arms. I then added the MAR slung on his neck. Figure 0011 is also suitable for this conversion.

Base figure 0434

Tech Trooper

Just a plastic trooper with command arms, but I liked the MAR slung around his neck.

Base figure Plastic Trooper


I never felt 0074 was a good choice for conversions, because his arms are folded. em4's arms changed my mind: These are from the command pack, but I have used the heavy weapons arms as well. They really do change the look of the figure.

The cap is made from milliput.

Base figure 0074