A Plastic Assault Team for Combat Zone

Sometimes nothing else will do. You have to get up close and personal.

I wanted a unit of lightly-equipped troops for house clearing and close assaults, where long range firing would not be a requirement. I decided to use the SMGs from the plastic troopers, with Assault rifles as the 'heavy' weapons.

All figures are in light equipment without packs


I merely replaced the plastic pistol with a smaller pistol carved from a piece of runner.

I'm not convinced of the wisdom of running about in combat armed only with a pistol, but it's his choice, not mine.

Trooper NCO

I used the plastic SMG arm with a pointing Command arm. (The only thing marking him as an NCO is the fact that he apperas to be giving orders.)

Trooper with MAR

I replaced the plastic weapon with a spare metal MAR. An otherwise unmodified plastic in an 'on guard' pose.

Trooper with MAR

I replaced the plastic weapon with a spare metal MAR. I rotated his head and angled the arms for a more active 'firing from the hip' pose.

Tech Trooper

I removed the scanner unit from a Command Pack arm and attached it to a plastic left arm. The right arm is the 'shouting' Command arm. I slung a Military Assault Rifle from his shoulder with a paper sling.

Trooper with SMG

I replaced the plastic pistol with a plastic SMG. Too many troops seem to be lugging the things about, and not using them.


I used the plastic SMG arm, cutting it above the elbow and rotating it to point off to the side. I rotated the head and lifted the chin so he was looking the same way. Finally I added the Grenade arm from the Command Pack.

Trooper with SMG

It doesn't show too well in the picture, but I rotated ths SMG and lowered the knife arm for a more natural, less 'splayed' look.


I debated on two methods to make this figure: Add sleeves to the Ganger arms, or replace the weapon on the trooper arms. I chose to add the sleeves from Milliput. (I know, I've done this mod before, but the bare arms didn't appeal to me. I like my units more uniform.)

Trooper with SMG

I used a bunch of plastic arm bits heavily repositioned and puttied, with a plastic SMG to get a tight-in 'sweeping' pose.

I'm pleased with the look of the unit, and hope to expand it in the future as I get more ideas (and em-4 makes more sets of arms!)

Please send us pictures of your conversions
or comments on ours!