Simple Conversions for Unique Miniatures V

When it comes to figures, variety is both fun and easy.

New weapons and headgear can change a figure entirely. If I can do it, you can too!

Don't be afraid to cut them up and switch pieces about: Never throw anything away, as the bits can always be used elsewhere.

Female Trooper

I always liked this female Rebel, and use her for many conversions. As a trooper she was always held back by her lack of a grenade launcher. I gave her a Military Assault Rifle and she looks a lot more threatening. I angled it slightly upwards so she could lob a few grenades at the foe.

Base figure 0075

Female Trooper

Here she has a bob haircut and a panzerfaust, for some disposable AT capability. A slung rifle or SMG would have been a nice touch.

The RPG is a nail with a Milliput head, turned in a drill.

Base figure 0075

Police NCO

This is rather more dramatic: I removed the SMG and arms from the figure, and added command arms to give my Police a commander.

Base figure 0048

Police with SMG

This isn't a huge change. I merely replaced the figure's shotgun with a SMG from the Command Arms pack.

Base figure 0047

Policeman with cannon

The Police assault cannon always seemed rather passive. I thought he should take a more active role. The arms are from a Combat Zone plastic figure, and the gun is his own. I hollowed out the helmet that was under his arm (don't ask) and placed it atop his head.

Base figure 0049


My Tinpot Dicator has several doubles to soak up assasination attempts. This fellow was made more aggressive by replacing his hand with one from the Command Pack.

Base figure 0053


I removed his arms and weapon. A simple arm swap gave him a grenade and pistol, and I reworked his singlet into a sweater.

Base figure 0076


I removed her arms and replaced them with two from the Command Arms pack, and as above, reworked her singlet into a sweater.

Base figure 0016

Beret Trooper NCO

This is an even simpler conversion, but no less effective. I merely cut off the right arm and repositioned it, filling the gap with putty.

Base figure 0429

Tech Trooper

I made a tech specialist for my Beret Troopers with a pair of arms from the Command Pack. He seems very intent on reading his scanner.

Base figure 0429

Tech Trooper

Essentially the same as the Beret Trooper techie, but because of the position, he is more focused on using his SMG than reading his scanner.

Base figure 0434

Trooper NCO

I had a spare hand with a SMG from the Beret Trooper Techie, and a figure whose MAR was used elsewhere. Sooo, I combined the two to make Trooper NCO.

Base figure 0001

LRRP Officer/NCO

A Long Range Recon Patrol variant on the Trooper, made by adding a boonie hat to a bare head. .Scenarios set behind enemy lines can be interesting, and the headgear makes for a distinctive OpFor.

Base figure 0013

LRRP Trooper

A LRRP sniper in boonie cap. Camou face paint would have looked good, or a complete camou outfit. (Good for any of the LRRP types)

Base figure 0005

LRRP Trooper

The spotter/security for the sniper above. The Beret Troopers also lend themselves to headgear changes as the beret is easily removed.

Base figure 0011

LRRP Trooper

The Assault Cannoneer is another figure that lends himself to conversion because of his bare head. He provides much-needed firepower to my LRRPs.

Base figure 0009

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