Easy Conversions for Unique Miniatures IV

Conversions don't have to be drastic to be effective. Small changes can make a figure more exactly what you need.

Often a new arm, weapon, or headgear will make a big difference in the look of a figure and make it uniquely your own.

'National' types can be indicated with Aussie hats, berets, tam-o'-shanters, etc. Use them to make National Rebels or Elite Troops.

Dictator Jr.

I wanted my Tinpot Dicator to have a son. Short hair and a pistol-wielding arm from the Command Pack makes him look rather aggressive and Teutonic. He does resemble his father.

Base figure 0053


This fellow is using a scanner to find a lost underground warehouse.

Base figure 0041

SWAT Commander

A pair of Command arms makes him more a part of the action. He'd also do as a commander for a Druglord's guard or for other Mercs.

Base figure 0018


A new pair of SMG-laden Command arms makes her ready to kick some butt.

Base figure 0034


There are Bikers, and then there are Rebel Bikers.

A kepi is a simple addition to show their rebel status. The brim is flattened lead and the body is Milliput.

Base figure 0069

The fellow on the right has added a snappy raccoon tail to his hat.

Yee Ha!

Base figure 0077

Base figure 0067


The giant mohawks make these 'futuristic' types rather dated, trapping them in the 1980's. Removing them updates the figures and makes them more threatening and less silly.

Base figure 0029

Liberal amounts of grime helps bring out the detail and show their squalor.

Base figure 0030

Base figure 0032


A Southern twist on the Scavenger theme.

Base figure 0046

Scots Rebel

Aye, he'll be spoiling for a fight the noo.

Base figure 0078

The Girl Next Door

A light summer dress and small clutch bag gives her a breezy, girl-about-town look,

Where does she keep that huge pistol?

Base figure 0034


Welcome support for your troopers.

Base figure 0434

Garrison Troopers

For some reason, garrison caps seem to say 'second-rate troops'

They'll do as garrison troops, militia, third-world or mercenary troops, security or paramilitary types, etc. A very useful type, all told.

Base figure 0009

Bareheaded and Beret types lend themselves to this conversion.

Base figure

Base figure

The caps can be the older 'flat-top' type or the more modern US style.

Base figure

Base figure

Base figure 0433

Base figure 0002

Please send us pictures of your conversions
or comments on ours!