The Savoy
Opera and Music Hall
by Gisby

This was another building from the ERTL Cow Town set. The buildings in this set are well-detailed, sturdy, and designed to be played with. Because they are toys, various parts are made from polyethylene, that takes neither glue nor paint well.

Like any plastic model, the kit had mould lines and marks: I removed them, and filled various holes that were not needed. I also replaced all the soft plastic pieces with styrene pieces, so I could paint them.

I made a simple set of railings for the outside stair. The stairs themselves are O Gauge plastic model RR parts. It was a LOT easier than building stairs.

The doors are made from styrene sheet, with hinge pins cut from an old wire clothes hanger.

All signs were created in Photoshop and printed on my computer. The poster is a period ad for Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.

Not much interior... Rather than an upper floor, it has a gallery for watching the show.

All in all, a lovely kit. Keep an eye out on eBay, it's really worth picking up.

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