Gomes' Rooms
by Gisby

This is from Aetherworks Hobby Products in Australia, and was the sixth Aetherworks building I assembled: Two Storey Building (Vertical Planking) SKU: AE20005.

It's the same building as in The Blue Hotel, and much of this review will be similar.

Aetherworks buildings are made from a heavier MDF than used by most companies, and arrive as several sheets of MDF shrink-wrapped together with copious instructions and conversion siggestions. The pieces pop out of their frames, wiuth no chance of breakage in shipping.

As always, this kit is well detailed and engineered, and assembles easily straight from the box. It has a detailed floor, but the doors are NOT open.

By this point, I have a routine for building Aetherworks kits. I first added window and door frames made from matchsticks, and added board detail to the back of the upper hoarding. The MDF carves easily with a sharp blade.

The inside walls and outer front wall were sprayed with white primer, and the side and rear outer walls with grey primer. I'm going for a 'painted front with unpainted rear' look, and the grey primer gives a better base for the weathered, raw, wood.

I masked off the inner floor, and sprayed the floor edges, walkway and all trim parts with grey primer. The inner floor was left in it's normal MDF colour.

I measured from the wall bottom to the balcony. and marked that level on the inner walls. I then glued 3 supports on each side, made from the blocks pressed from the front windows. One block supports the other, and that block supports the floor.

Before assembly, I painted the front door and windows. and the upright trim pieces attached to the side walls. This is the fiddlyist bit of painting: All other trim bits are separate pieces, so are easy to paint. Painting them before assembly makes it easier to have a neat paint job.

All the grey wood was washed with black, and drybrushed with grey, a lighter grey, and a light tan. The balcony railing and supports were painted red.

The four walls were glued together, and to the floor and walkway. When dry, the cornice was added.

At this point, I filled the locating peg holes in the walls and cornice. Once dried, I sanded them down, and touched up and weathered the spots. Since I was weathering the cornice, I weathered the other redc trim bits too.

I assembled the balcony and supports, and glued them to the building.

When assembling the railing, I added matchsticks along the outer edge, making a wider railing.

(I liked the look so much that I went back and did the same to the Blue Hotel.)

The instruction sheets include suggestions on customizing the buildings, and one suggestion was to make a corrugated roof using single-sided corrugated cardboard.

I removed the corrugation from it's backing sheet, and glued it to the roof pieces. I used as little glue as possible to keep the chance of warping down.

Once the pieces were dry, I used 40mm square pieces of corrugation to 'shingle' the roof.

Each piece overlapped the one next to it by one corrugation, and the pieces above overlapped by about 5mm. This gave the corrugations added strength, and realistic seams. V-shaped sections cover the peak.

The roof was painted a light grey to simulate galvanized steel, and weathered with dust & rust.

I cut a upper storey floor from Sintra, and added an eM-4 pawn as a handle for easy removal.

The sign was printed on my computer. The corner decorations are shelf bracket designs lifted from the 'net.

Like all the Aetherworks buildings, a first-class product, beautifully presented: Beautiful colour instructions, suggestions for detailing, etc. Recommended.

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