The General Store
by Gisby

I was struck with the 'clever' idea of making a building with a peaked roof that I could replace with a flat roof. (Ignoring the fact that many kits are made just that way.....) So I decided to build one.

I built the building using the methods described in my earlier Tutorial.

As always, the body is made of coffee stirrers on a craft stick frame. The walkway, awning, and floor are made from craft sticks.

Before assembly, the inner walls were primed white, and the outer walls primed grey. They were then assembled on the floor, and corner framing was added.

For a change, I made two larger four-pane windows on the front of the building. I also copied the hoarding style from a period photo.

The sign is a spare laser-cut sign from another building.

The front was painted to represent grey lead paint with white trim, and the other walls painted as weathered wood.

The roof is styrene, covered with O scale corrugated sheet. Since I was unsure how corrugated sheet was sold in period, 4X8 sheets seemed a good enough size, so I laid 4X8 sheets like giant shingles on the roof.

Of course as I was finishing this building, I found I had already made a building with replaceable roof, The Hardware, so I never bothered to make the flat roof...