More Cowtown Sheds
by Gisby

These are the shed from the ERTL Cow Town set. As I have three of them, I decided to try and make these look a little different.

The buildings in this set are well-detailed, sturdy, and designed to be played with. Because they are toys, various parts are made from polyethylene, that takes neither glue nor paint well.

In this case, it was the roof and front door that needed to be replaced.

I made the new doors from styrene with a hinge pin cut from a wire coat hanger.

I then took the pieces of the kit, removed the mould lines, and filled any sinkholes.

I sprayed the insides white, and the outsides black. The pieces were then assembled, and a floor was added.

I made a walkway for the Laundry from Sintra, cutting boards into the plastic, and scribing them with woodgrain.

The roof is also styrene, done as a tarpaper roof.

The Freight Station was treated the same way, but with a front hoarding and awning added from Sintra, with board and woodgrain detail added.,

Both kits were painted to simulate weathered wood, which brought out the details of the board-and-batten construction.

The roof for the Freight Station is styrene, shingled with individual plastic shingles. They did make it warp a bit, but not as badly as the photo makes it appear.

The freight sign was printed in outline on my computer, glued in place, then painted with acrylics.

I am quite pleased with the carved woodgrain effect on the walkways and hoarding.

All in all, a lovely set of toys. Keep an eye out on eBay, it's really worth picking up.