Brough's Tea House
by Gisby

This kit is from Northern Lights Terrain, a manufacturer in my own home town!

It's made from 3mm MDF, and scaled a bit larger than many others, to fit with some of the larger 'heroic' ranges out there. It still fits in well with other manufacturers.

One feature I really liked is that it comes with a base. Unfortunately none of my other buildings do, so I didn't use it.

This is the kit as supplied:

Between the heavy MDF, the base, the well-braced roof, it has a good, sturdy 'feel' and it looks good straight from the box.

I started by gluing coffee stirrers to the back of the hoarding, the floor supports to the inner walls. and the trim pieces to the side and back walls.

I then primed the interior and building front white, and the rest of the walls black.

Next I assembled the 4 walls around the floor.

The floor did not fit perfectly, so I inserted a coffee stirrer shim along one side of the floor.

Coffee stirrers also made framing at the building corners, and trim on the hoarding.

I replaced the supplied walkway with a deeper walk, and added steps up to the walkway and to the back door. The hitching post was supplied with the kit.

The awning is made from craft wood. The front trim and awning were painted before being attached to the kit.

To finish the roof, I assembled it with the shingle detail on the inside, and drew guide lines on the now-blank outer face.

I cut individual shingles from coffee stirrers, and shingled the roof, laying shingles along the guide lines. To avoid warpage, I only did a couple of rows at a time. But it takes far less time than you'd expect.

The sign was printed on my computer and framed with matchsticks before being glued to the building.

A very nice kit, with great detail. It very much looks the part, and has endless utility as a mercantile building.