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Bland Livery
A Pointless Exercise
by Gisby

Although this building turned out OK, it was an exercise in futility. It is a conversion of a building kit, but would have been easier and would have turned out better built from scratch.

It started as a die-cut wooden kit from a Dollar Store, seen here: The Old Barn

The original plan was to take the two ends, trim them so they were symmetrical, and alter the roof line. I would then add extensions to the sides of the end pieces, and place the original side pieces on these.

The Barn would now have two side extensions with flat roofs.

I altered the ends as planned, giving the front a square hoarding made from the kit roof pieces. I had to scribe boards into the pieces, and it took a long while. Worse, the pieces were a bit warped.

I Joined these pieces with an internal frame made from craft sticks, making sure they sat flat as they dried.

The side sections next had frames made from craft sticks, attached and allowed to dry, before having walls added made from coffee stirrers.

At this point I changed my mind, and cut off thetop of the back piece, level with the back walls. I built a frame and added the upper storey. (You can still see the original roof braces on the inside)

When all the walls were dry, I added internal bracing as needed, and cut doors and windows. These were then framed with matchsticks.

Lower hoardings were added on either side of the main sign, made from craft sticks. Coffee stirrers and toothpicks were used for the cornices.

The doors were made from coffee stirrers and glued in place after painting.

Inside I added a removeable hay loft made from craft sticks, with a few hay bales to use as a handle.

The roof is Sintra, with pieces glued to the underside as locater lugs.

So.... In the end, there are two narrow staple-shaped pieces of wood from the kit being converted in the whole building. (And you can't even see them)

Because they are warped, the building was very much harder to build. I would have been way better off just building from scratch.