The Billiards Hall
by Gisby

This kit is one of the original Arnica Real Estate resin kits, and is still available as: 403-K Mercantile

The basic building consists of four walls and two roof pieces, plus separate doors. The pieces are well-detailed, free of bubbles and without warping. No sanding or trimming was needed.

As always, when building resin buildings of any sort, get a GOOD quality adhesive, whether you use cyano adhesive or epoxy. Dollar store products will not work well, and what should be a fun experience will be awful.

Before assembly, I marked where the roof will sit against the hoarding rear, using the rear wall as a guide. I also carved board detail (badly) into the back of the hoarding.

I then glued the four walls together, the side walls butted against the inside of the front & rear walls, using a square to ensure that the building was also square.

Once this was set, I filled and sanded any gaps, and used the shell to mark out the floor on a sheet of sintra. It was easily cut out with a craft knife.

I then glued the ground floor in place, raised to door level with scrap sintra This floor adds strength and rigidty to the building.

A roof support was added to the rear of the front wall where I had marked it earlier and allowed to set.

I taped the roof halves together with masking tape (on the outside) and dry fitted them. When I was satisfied with the fit, I flowed glue between the halves, being sure to avoid the support and the rear wall.

Once that had set, I removed the roof, and glued the ends. I filled any gap between the halves with putty, and added bracing cut from sintra to the inside, and a stop undeneath so that it wouldn't slide toward the back once in place.

The walkway was cut from sintra, with boards cut in, and woodgrain scraped in with a craft knife. Because floor level in this building was a bit higher, the walkway had a step up to it, and a step up to the door as well.

The side and rear steps are also cut from sintra, with board and wood grain detail crudely cut into them.

The board-and-batten, and roof shingle detail on this kit is very good, and it called for weathering that would show it off. I therefore chose to paint this as a weathered, bare-wood building.

The whole building was painted grey, and heavily washed in black. It was then drybrushed with lighter greys and light tan. The pictures are somewhat lighter than the building is in real life.

The artwork for the sign was found on the internet, and printed on my computer. I framed it with pre-painted matchsticks before trimming it from the paper.

It's muted colours and sort-of-worn look adds to the distressed effect. There's a small sign below it asking people to turn in their guns. Good luck!

A very nice kit, with great detail. It very much looks the part, and has endless utility as a mercantile building.