The Ace in the Hole Saloon
by Gisby

Another kit from Products For Wargamers.

This is a lovely kit. At first glance, it seems quite complex, but it's not really. It's essentially a big shed with an outbuilding, and a slanted roof.

There is a lot of trim and a nice decorative hoarding. The kit also has a floor supplied, and a back door, which I removed.

My first step was to prime the pieces: The building front and all trim were primed white, as were all interior surfaces. The exterior was primed black.

The basic shell was then assembled around the floor, and the locator pegs were filled and sanded.

I added framing to the corners of the building to help hide the joins, and a frame to the outbuilding window.

The outer surfaces were then painted as weathered wood.

Side and rear window and door frames were painted a weathered white, and attached to the walls.

The exterior front was painted as weathered white paint. The trim was painted red before being attached.

I made a deeper walkway from craft wood, with supports to raise it to the level of the building's floor. I also added steps up to the walkway and to the building's back door.

The awning and roofs are covered with O scale vac-u-formed shingles. The lower edge must be trimmed to shape and sanded to profile. It's fairly time-consuming.

The sign is supplied with the kit, and looks very good.

All in all a very nice kit that looks great on the table.