Objective Markers
by Gisby

Aetherworks Hobby Products produces a number of accessories and objective markers. As always from this manufacturer, they are first class products: well designed, with good fit and detail.

These three pieces are small, and any comments apply equally to any of them, so I may run out of words before I run out of pictures.

All three are supplied in sheets of 3mm MDF: Heavier than most, and still in the sheet, so that no pieces arrive broken.

There are also extensive, full-colour instructions, with suggestions on how to add detail and interest to the pieces. Very nice.

The first we'll look at is Objective Pack - AE40051 Gallows

A whole bunch of parts for a fairly small model! As always, they arrive in a sheet of heavy MDF to be punched out before assembly.

A tiny bit of sanding or filing is needed where the web

held the pieces to the sheet, but otherwise the parts are clean, and fit together easily and smoothly.

Round bases are provided, but you can of course use your own if you prefer. You can also glue the base back into the backing sheet to make it a bit bigger so you can bevel the edges.

I added a vulture from a Reaper set of 'familiars.'

AE40050 Cart

A simple handcart model.

The wheels are pegged to the base, so if you want to use it without the base, you'll have to remove the pegs.

The tuft of greenery under the cart is from a sprig of craft store plastic plants. They are PVC, so they glue well to a wire inserted in the base.

I tried to paint these pieces as weathered wood, but the grey was a bit too light, and the lighting I used for the pictures has only made it look worse.

AE40005 Outhouse

The kit, as supplied. The door can be positioned open or closed. I left it slightly open so you can see a hint of the interior detail.

I used a chunk of sponge dyed green with acrylic paint for the plant growing beside this building.

The poster on the side was printed on my computer.

As always, these are first-class products, beautifully presented: Extensive colour instructions, suggestions for detailing, etc.


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